Internet Grows to 294 Million Domain Names in Q1 2015 – [Infographic]

The first quarter of 2015 closed with a base of 294 million domain name registrations across all toplevel domains (TLDs). Registrations have grown by 6.5 percent, year over year.

The .com and .net TLDs experienced aggregate growth, reaching a combined total of approximately 133 million domain names in the first quarter of 2015. Visit for more information.


Tips for Pool Safety

 You love your kids, and you love your pool, but quite often, you feel an anxiety when thinking about the both of them in the same sentence.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and you must have a good head on your shoulders when thinking about your children in the pool.  Businesses such as Fort Worth pool service will tell you that a child can drown just by a parent zoning out for a few seconds, so it’s important to consider all of these important safety rules when having kids or even adults in the pool.

            As you may have guessed, the most important rule is to never leave anyone – adult or child – alone in the water.  Disasters can strike in an instant, so it’s important that someone is always there to help if need be.  It’s more important to be the annoying parent than the one who lost someone in the pool because they didn’t want to take the chid with them to go check their email.  On that same note, it’s important that all weak swimmers should wear a life jacket or something else that can keep them floating.  This should not be taken as some sort of lifesaving device, but rather something to help you in an emergency if you need it.

            When someone is serving as a life guard, they should have regularly updated CPR skills, a first aid kit, and a working phone that is kept nearby the phone so that in case of emergency, they are ready to go.  The adult supervisor should be an avid swimmer and be able to stay calm in a panicky situation when more than one person in trouble.  It is also helpful that the person in charge be known to all of the people in the pool as the person in charge, so no time-wasting arguments over whose idea is better will take away from safety.

            In situations involving young children, pool safety becomes harder, as can be imagined. Fort Worth Tx pool builders will agree to the fact that children will simply wander into the pool water without truly understanding what it is or the dangers associated with it.  They’ll wiggle out of open doors and wander into the water, only to get stuck and drown in minutes.  For this reason, you should always keep a lockable cover on the pool, keep the ladder out of reach of children if it is an above ground pool, and make sure that you have four securely fenced walls around the pool so the child can’t get it.

            When children are playing in the pool, make sure that any unused pool toys are kept away from the edge, so no one trips and hurts themselves.  Additionally, there should be regularly replaced non-slip surface on the wet parts of the deck so that everyone is safe.  If you have a slide or jumping board (diving should not be done in household pools unless specifically mentioned in the booklet accompanying your pool, and always check with those such as swimming pool contractors Dallas to make sure), it should be placed in the deep end of the pool and kept safely monitored by another adult or experienced swimmer.  All of those going down the slide so do it feet first and ensure that the water area around the spout of the slide is totally clear.

            If you have a gradient pool, ensure that you put a buoy line across the part where it starts to get deep, so kids know where the safety line is and will stay within the right zone for their protection.  It needs to be checked regularly to make sure it is staying in the same place, and same goes for other parts of the pool, like ladders and rails.  All need to be in top working order and small enough so that a young child can grab hold of the rail in case of emergency.  The filter should be cleaned as ordered for health reasons, and proper sun attire is a must for children and adults both.

            There are many little details that must be taken into consideration for pool safety, and for those who need advice or just want to know more, there is plenty of information available at, so you can rest assured that you know all there is to know about keeping your loved ones safe and cared for.  The articles and information on different pools and safety necessities will help you feel better about your decisions and know that everything is in tip top shape and ready to enjoy.

Plastic surgery

The Types of Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, also called nose surgery, is one of the most popular surgeries in the world. Studies put it that the US alone witness more than 180,000 procedures every year. Considered one of the safest surgeries in the world, rhinoplasty is also an aesthetic nose surgery, but it must be handled by a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Plastic surgery

When it comes to getting rhinoplasty, the truth is that nobody is expected to remain ignorant of the facts surrounding it. Understanding various conditions surrounding your nose would help you know the type of rhinoplasty you should go for. It would also let you know if surgical rhinoplasty is what you need in the first place.

Before explaining the types of rhinoplasty available, people with the following nose conditions are ideal candidates for nose reshaping surgery:

- people having breathing difficulties owing to an abnormality in their internal nose structure

- people with either wide, large, or small nose.

- people with abnormal nasal tip

- people with injured nose

- people with irregular nose shapes, etc.

Having said that, let us now consider the types of rhinoplasty available.


Types of Rhinoplasty

- Reduction Rhinoplasty: This is the commonest type of nose jobs. In the surgery, a small amount of bone or cartilage is removed to address bumps on the bridge of the nose. Is is also used to correct an elongated nasal tip, or.excessively flared nostrils. Feeling that a particular area of your nose is too long or wide, then it is the time you may want to consider reduction rhinoplasty from a reliable Paris nose surgeon.

- Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: This is an ideal nose reshaping surgery for people who have lost a part or all their nose. This is a special surgery which should be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. In need of reconstructive nose surgery? It is the time you tried Paris rhinoplasty surgeon.


- Ethnic Rhinoplasty: If you are from a particular ethnic and your nose doesn’t make you look like it, then it is the time you may want to consider this type of rhinoplasty. There are various ethic nose surgeries such as Africa rhinoplasty, America rhinoplasty, Afro-Caribbean, etc.

- Aging Rhinoplasty: As the nose stops growing by age 16, some people later in their thirties or above discover some features they don’t like about their nose. That’s when aging nose surgery comes into it. This type of nose jobs would help you correct an unwanted nose feature and bring back to you your youthful facial beauty.

- Augmentation Rhinoplasty: This particular nose surgery is carried on patients who need to increase their nose dimension. It is one of the commonest nose jobs you would find today. The nose dimension may change for certain reasons such as accident, damaged cartilage, etc. In augmentation rhinoplasty, the nasal tip or the bridge are rebuilt using nasal septum or cartilage from other parts of the nose.


The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Quite a good number of people, most especially women go under the knife to alter their body with the intention of restoring or shaping it. Different people go for plastic surgery for different reasons.  While some people get it so that they would fix one or more features of their body that they don’t like, it may not be the case for some. I know a lot of people  who got plastic surgery so that they would look younger, more beautiful,  or even please a partner.

Whatever your reason for getting plastic surgery, there are a few things you should know before allowing yourself to pass under the knife. You may need to ask if there are any benefits of plastic surgery that you stand to gain since you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on something that would not give you a good result.

On the standpoint, below are some of the benefits of plastic surgery that could be derived by anybody, regardless of age, and location, etc. You can watch a rhinoplasty video here (mix of French and English)


Benefits of plastic surgery

- Plastic surgery increases your self-esteem. Having discovered a particular area you don’t seems to like in your body , using plastic surgery to hide that area would give you a feeling of excitement, which would later increase the way you feel towards yourself. If you feel good about yourself, it would increase your level of confidence and help you relate well with people in your home, school, work, etc.

- Though it doesn’t change your life, but it can enhance your body and make you look younger again. We all want to keep that youthful glow, don’t we? Having plastic surgery is one of the ways to achieve this. You too could look younger and let yourself become the woman that makes head turn to her direction.

-It makes you look beautiful. Physically, plastic surgery enhances you. It makes you appear beautiful as it helps you hide some fixtures that are not looking great. Do you want to have your desired size of breasts or nose, plastic surgery could help you achieve this and have heads roll at your direction wherever in the world you are. To learn more, you can look at the before and after rhinoplasty photos

Apart from the aforementioned, there are many more benefits that could be derived from getting plastic surgery. All you have to do is identify a reason, talk to your trusted surgeon, and pay the money.

PS: every come to France for business or on vacation? Why not get your rhinoplasty in the romance capital of the world, with some of the best nose surgeons in Paris



Mortgage Broker or Bank?

If you are planning to purchase a house or property, you are probably considering a mortgage to help you finance the purchase or you might need a mortgage broker to refinance your mortgage (refinancement hypothécairein French). when you think of mortgage in Montreal is whether you need to go to a mortgage broker or to a bank. Well, both have their pros and cons.

Broker versus Bank

The biggest advantage that bank has over broker is that bank is a established institution and is hence trustworthy. The collateral against the mortgage loan is the home you will purchase. The major point of difference between a bank and a mortgage broker in Montreal (courtier hypothécaire montréal in French) is that the bank is bound by regulations while the broker is not. A broker can give you better deals than a bank simply because he has the freedom to do so. Brokers partner with a number of lenders and offer deals that suit both the lender and the borrower. Banks, on the other hand, have fixed deals and predetermined procedures and requirements that must be met in order to get a mortgage loan.

Comparisons are Good

It’s a good idea to visit both brokers as well as banks when you need to purchase a mortgage, and understand the requirements and deals on offer before you make a decision. You could probably compare deals by entering the details in an excel sheet. Points of comparison include interest rates, fees, duration, total amount, penalty for default. Even though you’re planning to make timely payments, you should still learn about the default penalty before getting the loan.

Ideally, you should visit at least two or three brokers and banks in order to get a fair idea.

Other Considerations

Interest rates keep changing with new bank or government policies, so take them with a pinch of salt. Another important consideration is your own income and repayment capacity. Include this as a part of your spreadsheet. You may also include potential expenses such as upcoming college fees, earlier mortgage repayments, weddings, and other such expenses so that you can properly assess your capacity to repay.

Would you understand who’s Avi Lebor?

Avi Lebor is really an individual who has spent 35 years in the Property company. There is no doubt concerning the proven fact that he’s got large amount of knowledge in this industry and has got a through information and knowledge of this market. He’s well and undoubtedly a real estate professional that is great.

Avi Lebor offers vast knowledge in the real estate business. He understands the ins and outs with this marketplace just like people hand’s palm. He’s got a radical comprehension of the functioning of the business.

Avi Lebor was a student of record. It had been one of his beloved themes. He was not specially uninterested in the presidential record of the united states. He finished in history from the Yeshiva University. Nonetheless he fell with the subject so much so that perhaps as of this age he is nevertheless quite definitely excited about background in love.

Avi Lebor makes book review. Some book club endorsement, which might be within his website has been built by him. He’s possibly built the top use of the social media marketing, which shows he’s passionate about his activity. Hardly any people might be located who uses socialmedia activity being done by so enough time. This is something outstanding. Therefore we come to find out about a separate personality. To Know more about Avi Lebor background visit

How to Pick Timeless Wedding Bands

While the engagement rings is the more expensive and sometimes flashier ring associated with weddings, the wedding band is more likely to be worn consistently, as this ring is more demure and does not attract as much attention as a large diamond ring. That’s not to say your wedding bands can’t have diamonds, just that these are the rings that are more likely to be work for decades to come—you’ll want a timeless, beautiful design that will stand the test of time, just like your relationship. Here are some tips to make finding a timeless wedding band possible.


  1. Start looking early. Most couples don’t start looking for wedding bands until a month or so before the wedding. However, giving yourself at least two months to look not just in stores, but also online, for the perfect wedding bands. Especially if you are looking to save a little bit of money, giving yourself enough time to shop around is essential.
  1. Decide what you want. Narrowing down your choices, either by metal or by style, will help speed up your search. While you do what to narrow down your choices, you do not want to too quickly rule out certain styles or metals without giving them proper consideration. Even if you have always wanted a white gold band, give yourself a chance to look over yellow gold bands before ruling them out for good.
  1. You don’t have to match. While many couples do decide to purchase matching wedding bands, many others prefer to purchase differing bands that better match their differing personal styles. If she prefers a thin, white gold band and you prefer a thick, yellow gold band, feel free to change things up and not match.
  1. Don’t forget to be practical. In an attempt to display their love for all to see, many couples will buy wedding bands that are simply impractical for their everyday lives. They are large, clunky, or heavily jeweled, requiring the wearers to handle them with kid gloves. Those who work with their hands or are perhaps a little clumsy should look for something unobtrusive and practical.
  1. Don’t shun trends. While something classic will be the most timeless option, picking something trendy can be just as timeless. The style may age, just as your relationship will, becoming a symbol not just of your love, but also of the time when your relationship began.

Barcelona By Bike Or Everything You Miss When You Take The Tube

When visiting Barcelona for your holidays there are many different approaches to the way you get to know the city. Some people choose to take the sightseeing bus that takes you to the main touristic spots of the city so that you can visit almost every monument in just one day without getting too tired. Anyway, even if it’s a very comfortable option it doesn’t give you the chance to know the real city, as you will be limited to the main touristic points of the city.

Depending on where you rent your holiday apartment in Barcelona you will have to walk more or less around the city. It’s obviously not the same to stay in the city center or in some neighborhood on the outskirts. Many tourists choose to move around on the tube but I don’t think that’s a good idea when visiting a city, as while you are underground you will be missing many things that are worth seeing. So what’s the best way to move around the city if you want to discover nice and not so known places? By bike.

Barcelona is especially suitable for bikes as it’s a mainly flat city, except the upper part of the city which is closer to the mountains. Moreover, the city has many bike lanes that make it easier to bikers, as you won’t have to be dealing with cars, buses or pedestrians. Let’s have a look at some of the best bike routes to know Barcelona:

“Barcelona is perfect for cycling as it’s quite flat and it offers plenty of bike lanes”

Touristic Route

If you want to see some Gaudí buildings, go to La Rambla and eat some paella this is the route you want to make. You should begin at the city center, like Plaza Catalunya for example, then cross the Gotic neighborhood passing in front of the Cathedral and afterwards cross Via Laietana in order to arrive to Born, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city, where you can visit the Santa Maria del Mar church. From here you can go to Ciutadella Park and then go up to go under the famous Arc de Triomf. Continue through Passeig de Sant Joan and turn right in Gran Via until you arrive to Marina Street, then you shall go up until you arrive to Sagrada Familia. Once there, you can also take Provença street until you arrive to Passeig de Gracia where you will be able to visit other famous Gaudí buildings such as La Pedrera or Casa Batlló.


Another nice route is biking Barcelona’s seafront. Starting from Plaza Colon at the end of Las Ramblas and arriving to the Forum, which will make around 7 kilometers. Almost the whole route can be done on the bike lane. You will first pass Barceloneta, then the Olympic Village and follow up through the different beaches until you arrive to the Forum.


Montjuic is the Olympic mountain of Barcelona, quite close to the center and perfect for enjoying some nice views over the city while putting your legs in shape. You can start going up from different places such as the España Square or Lleida Street. In Montjuic you will be able to see the Olympic Stadium, the castle and many other interesting spots. The traffic is really light in here and there are many good lanes for cycling, curves and slopes are the only drawbacks that you will have to handle.

So as you see, cycling around Barcelona can be a great way to know the city without the need of taking buses, tubes, taxis or any other means of transport. Are you ready to cycle around the Mediterranean?


Cardfight Vanguard: A Card Game That Will Suit For You

Card games give enthusiasm and amusement to those who play these games. Every kind of card games has particular rules of play that must be followed by every player. The rules of card games are easy to understand by anyone. And the good things about these are, you can play these games anytime that you want and wherever you are. Actually, there are various kinds of card games.  Every minute of the game is very challenging as it altered with the next action of your rival. And Cardfight Vanguard is one of the kinds of card games that are such an amusing and very challenging game that is liked by everyone. The player of this game may construct a deck on their own as they aspire.

The Cardfight Vanguard game is a Japanese card game that is very popular. This amusing card game is becoming famous in many other countries. Therefore, this game is also available in an English version. The game is played depends on the features of the can that involve a unit type, race, grade, trigger, clan, power and shield. The illustration on the cards represents the destruction and power capability of the fighter. On the other hand, it is very vital to know and learn the rules of this game, and aside from that you must carefully read the instructions that was given so that you can fully understand how does every card functions in order to play the game properly and win over your rival. Well, for the victory? It will vary on the kinds of cards the every player acquired.

Furthermore, there are some tryout decks that are prepared to play card set, cardfight vanguard clans such as Angel Feather, Genesis, Narukami, neo nectar , link joker , Spike Brothers, Pale Moon, Shadow Paladin, Royal Paladin, Gold Paladin and many more Yet, usually most of the players of this game choose to create their own set of cards to be play. The assortment of cards with fantastic contained features needs a extensive knowledge and great skills about the card type and game. This type of knowledge is aid to create your own dominant deck. In fact, even the new players can already learn the features of the card and at the same time gather cards all through with those selected sites. Those sites are a 1 stop bound to purchase all the types of Vanguard cards and garnishes at a very ostensible price.

8 Interesting Solar Energy Facts [Infographic]

The international consumption of non renewable resources including gasoline, fat and coal is improving at an alarming pace. Alternative energy resources i.e. solar and geothermal power are a real substitute today. Nevertheless although many places have started utilizing solar-energy thoroughly they’ve to-go quite a distance to manipulate this power to meet their standard energy requirements. Below are a few interesting facts on solar power which will help you measure solar energy’s potential to fulfill with international power needs. To find out more check solar power system

Easy Ways to Reset Windows 7 Code

Probably you forgot Windows-7 password, if you want to reset Windows password. For how to reset windows 7 password first approach you could possibly consider to fix the problem may be Re-install, or System Restore process, which might trigger data loss. In reality, should you Google the ways, you could find many Windows password recovery exist, and the code can be recovered or reset by lots of techniques. You will be shown some tips to reset Windows-7 password by this short article.

1. Resetting Windows-7 code without Computer

Password reset disk could be the Microsoft-offered treatment for reset Windows 7 password, nevertheless, when you have not made a reset drive if you set the password will you bypass the password? Below, an expert Windows 7 password recovery tool, Windows Code Unlocker, can be your ideal option. This software how to bypass windows 7 password might help create a Windows-7 password-reset disk effortlessly. It supports USB, Disc and DVD if there is no CD ROM drive.

1.1 mount and Download the Code Unlocker Software to an computer, insert the Disc or DVD towards the optical travel, or place a USB thumb drive if no CD ROM drive available.

Note: Since you forgot Windows-7 code, you cannot access your computer and you also need another accessible computer to download the application and to burn the password reset disk.

Tip: should you just obtain a Mac see how to make password-reset disk on Linux and Mac while in the Place 4.

1.2. Operate the code unlocker application and burn the password-reset drive follow the training in the window.

1.3. Place the password-reset disk you designed to the computer that is locked, and boot the computer from your drive. If you are able to accomplish this, observe to change bios settings and boot pc from cd/dvd/usb.

1.4. Select a consumer to alter or take away the code.

2. Recovering Windows 7 password with Ophcrack

How-to recover Windows-7 code is just a generally asked question, consequently, can there be some instruments cando this job? Guaranteed, here, a free device-Ophcrack is preferred.

Ophcrack works for windows password recovery and  is really a free open source (GPL licensed) program that will recover Windows 7 owner password along with other person account password through the use of LM hashes through rainbow tables.

To start out the password recovery procedure, you should get the Ophcrack from its site /.

Obtain the ISO image, burn it to start and a CD the locked computer from the Disc. The Ophcrack system starts, finds the windows-user records, and proceeds to recuperate (bust) the passwords – all automatically.

Should you not know how to use Ophcrack to recover password on Windows-7, seethe article here: How to Recover Password with Ophcrack LiveCD

Ophcrack is free, nevertheless, using it to recover password, you have to get a large ISO file (about 700MB), along with the restoration method could be timeconsuming, and can’t succeed 100% to obtain the password. Therefore, if this instrument failed to recover Windows 7 login password for you, you may switch for the Windows-7 password reset tool —–Windows Password Unlocker introduced above, which may assist you 100% reset the code.